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Working with Eric Lam

With extreme complexity, the design and construction process is among one of the most difficult endeavor for those who take it on for the first time and even for a seasoned individual. Redwoods Design Studio Architect (RDSA) is found to instill a greater predictable experience through this process. Like a good concierge, we assist the owner from conception through the life of the project, always see to it that the owner’s need is met. It is then there is no coincident that our philosophy is similar to the clients we serve. Since 2006, we cater our service to hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality related businesses. We also extend this level of attentive service to the discerning individuals who understand the kind of value a well-qualified professional can bring to their home renovation project.

Design Achieved

Eric Lam
Eric Lam

Eric Lam is the Principal of Redwood Design Studio Architect. Along with overseeing the firm’s day-to-day operations, he stays informed of every project while maintaining a hands-on approach to management.

Eric’s professional expertise encompasses mostly of hospitality design in which he has extensive experience leading projects from inception to completion. He has twenty years of experience designing numerous restaurants and hotel spaces as well as projects in other marketplaces.

While Eric may be busy with client meetings or at job site observing construction progress, he often spent his leisure time in the great big outdoor.