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Above Water

As mentioned in my previous post, this year has been going at a speed of light. It also felt like I had been underwater for quite some time, now I need to come up to take a breath in order to refocus. While I was deeply immersed, I had been putting this blog aside, voluntarily and involuntarily. The voluntary part is the easy part to explain, I had to make a choice between working on this blog at the predetermined time and date that I gave myself or I can let myself focus on projects which for some reasons or another have been extending their lifespan. Thinking that there was no end in sight, I blew off blogging…. That’s a bad thing to do on many counts, the obvious is that I let myself strayed when I am in the infancy of developing a following for my blog (at last count there were 3 followers, yours truly included). So I promised myself and on behalf of my followers (with my right hand held up high, elbow at a perfect 90 degree, and palm wide opened), I will stick to my routine. Here comes the involuntary part, the traveling has taken quite a toll on my schedule as well. I was back in Chicago a few weeks ago for the hotel renovation project that I am acting as the Owner’s Representative. A week before that I was in Tennessee as an attendee of a hospitality industry trade show. The actual combined time spent on travels and the preparation time for the purpose of the trips would be close to a week worth of work. So in many ways, the involuntary activities were due to a round of voluntary activities. All in all, I had to make some tough choices in the name of growing a practice that is at the verge of a rebirth. Yes, a rebirth and a name change… I spent this weekend with my family to get some R&R so that I can peel myself off from the normal weekend routines in order to redirect the practice. I shall reveal the change in my next blog… (quite a cliffhanger isn’t it!)


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