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Just Do It!

Welcome to my first blog post! This has been something I planned to do for quite some time (I wouldn’t want to tell you how long ago but it was a long time ago). So, why now? It wasn’t because my son is having a birthday today and I’m feeling the time just zoom by while laughing at my inability to catch up. (Perhaps it does have something to do with that?) It certainly wasn’t because of some commercial that I came across that featured a pair of famous sneakers. 

It was because I was finally ready. Don’t get me wrong, I have been ready for quite some time. Just didn’t dawn on me that I needed to take action now. The thing is I have been mauling over the blogging idea for a while: I have even spent countless hours, days, and months researching how to write a blog. Not just a blog – a perfect blog about architecture and the likes. The research has taken me down different paths; too many paths, actually. In the end, I had way too many ideas and advice from one too many sources. I wound up doing nothing.

While the Internet is great, it also seems to be making us dumber. You know that saying: “The more you learn, the less you know”? It’s also stealing time away from you if you don’t know how to put the brake on, in my opinion.

While I was busy planning how to start my blog, a couple I recently met through a referral sat down with me a few weeks ago to discuss their renovation project. Prior to this meeting, I had visited the building they were going to renovate and reside in out of the choice of three apartments. We talked about the layout of the spaces and certain construction related logistics. At some point in this conversation, the husband asked me when the design process would begin. Frankly, the design process really cannot begin until I know more about this couple and more details about their wish list. So I suggested to them that the best way to get the project started was to perform an in-depth discovery and analysis process. This would be a low cost commitment that will yield a big return as they will be more educated about the project. Instead of saying, “I will think about it”, they both told me in unison: “Just Do It!”

Fast forward to yesterday when I received this couples’ email: They sent me the feedback to the questionnaire I gave them just after the initial meeting. The feedback forms a part of the assessment report that I will be putting together for them. When I got their email, I developed mixed emotions toward myself. I was proud of them for their effort in providing feedback while embarrassed at myself for not being able to set my blog wheels in motion. They truly inspired me. They knew they needed help but instead of wasting time, they just went ahead to get things started!

The lesson I learned is that while research and planning is needed, and even necessary most of the time, it is just as important to know when to commit yourself into action. Get help by identifying someone who can give you sound advice. Do it face to face, if possible, so you can get the most benefit out of your time (a phone conversation will be just as efficient if face time is hard to arrange). If you are like me, having spent so much time doing research for a project that you have been planning, now is the time to stop chasing answers and opinions on the Internet – Just Do It!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I urge you to come back for more. If you do, future posts will entail a variety of topics: what is happening in our office, the work that we do, design and construction trends, and relevant subjects that hopefully will be helpful to you.


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