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May I have a burger with a side of dedication?

It’s 5:30 AM, rise and shine. When I look out the window, instead of seeing my backyard, it is the hotel’s pool. This is the second morning I am waking up in LA where I am meeting cohorts of the Million Dollar Mastermind group. No one is at the pool at the moment as it is being cleaned by this giant robot of a thing with tentacles sunk in the water in an apparent attempt to collect all the debris, insects and what not so the pool can be opened again for hotel guests. A thought came into my mind, the maintenance person has to be someone very dedicated to this job. After all, this person has to get up in the wee hour to come to the hotel, drag this machine out, then when it is done, clean the rest of the pool deck before the first guest arrives to enjoy the pool.
Another thought comes into my mind. While having a very nice dinner last night in Marina del Rey with my cohorts, our side of the table had lively conversations just about anything (why wouldn’t it be if Richard Petrie is sitting next to you!). Gary from Millburn NJ, talked about how he starts the day every day. Now all of us pretty much have the same routine with slight variations – turn the alarm off, get out of the bed, drag ourselves into bathroom, come out of the bathroom semi-awake, walk to the kitchen for breakfast, then depends on what you do for a living or mood of the day, you go about your own business. Pretty boring and robotic (somehow my son of nine years old is still having trouble with step number 2 above). So back to Gary, he wakes up in the morning, he would do yoga for 15 to 30 minutes. He has been consistently doing this for the past thirty years! That’s dedication! To me that’s inspiring!!!!
Seeing and listening to how others are so dedicated to what they do beyond the things that all of us are taught to do really lit a fire under me. What’s interesting is that dedication is not something you can teach someone, it is inherent in all of us. It is special because you know you will do it willingly and the thought of quitting is not an option.

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