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Our Process

Together we construct experiences

Interior architectural design is more than filling a space with walls, finishes, and furniture, it is about human experience. We strongly believe that every space has the potential to enhance this experience which makes users more productive, feel happier, healthier, and more enlightened.

We construct this experience by following a journey that requires an honest dialogue among every stakeholder of the project.


Site Analysis

  • Identify physical constraints
  • Look for hidden potentials


  • Information gathering
  • Review the projected investment parameters
  • Project preliminary timeline


Position Mapping

  • Diagram key project components: Space shaping


From Words and Data to Drawings

  • Design development: Refine the details of the key conceptual elements
  • Integrate operational needs
  • Communicate with key design and construction partners


  • Review original budget assumption
  • Scope of work and timeline reassessment
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations


  • Prepare details and specifications for architectural components
  • Coordinate with consulting engineers
  • Documentation


  • Final bid review and award
  • Secure approvals and permits



We know planning a design project takes time and plenty of effort to gather the right information. We have prepared some literature to assist you in this endeavor. So go ahead and download the free guides.

Healthy Building Movement with Fitwel Standard

Why does healthy building matter to building owners or the business owners who lease spaces?

In the workplace, the estimated cost for employers due to absenteeism is more than two thousand dollars per employee. In addition, when it comes to selecting an employer, Millennials are more likely to take into account whether their workplace supports their healthy lifestyle .

There is little doubt that future generations prefer buildings that promote greater well-being.

Download the guide and join the movement!

How to Hire an Architect?

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right architect. The architect determines the design and function of a space or building as well as the emotional toll and financial costs involved in its construction.

You may be wondering: how do I find the right architect?

Finding your perfect match in an architect is not impossible and we’ll show you eight points to guide you along the way. Use these points to help analyze the personality, design strategy and communication skills of your candidates. Click the button to learn more and download your free guide on How to Hire An Architect.