This is not a typical midscale franchise hotel, it is the result of a dream that culminated after twenty years of the owner’s hard work. In its former self, the hotel was a motel that had seen its glory days. Hardly anyone noticed its existence along a stretch of a highway scattered with similarly dilapidated motels. To put it mildly, it was an eyesore. By 2014, the motel was torn down by the owner in the quest to transform it into a franchise hotel. The fact that it was a mom-and-pop operation made it hard to compete with some of the newer hotels nearby. It took almost two years to build this Holiday Inn Express due to various setbacks, but when it finally opened in late 2016, it was received with much fanfare from the local community. The hotel has a standard brand design on the exterior, however, to stand out from the hotels in the surrounding area, we design the interior with more modern flare combining with design features of the newer prototypical design. The custom design will help the owner avoid a complete makeover from the older prototype to the current prototype, potentially saving the owner upward of a $100,000 in five years.