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Project Discovery Analysis Report


  1. Many projects run over time and over budget because people make decisions without all the information they need. They are then either forced to make unexpected changes or want to make changes (at great cost).
  2. People leap into design and build before all options have been identified and evaluated. Later realizing you have rushed and chosen the 3rd best option leaves the feeling of lifelong regret.


While you may want to renovate your home or building, you may not be 100% certain of what the city will allow you to do, what the construction will cost and how long it will take.

You may not be aware of all the challenges that the site poses.

You may not even know who to talk with about these issues or how much these extra challenges are going to cost!


  • The project running over time
  • The project being over budget
  • Settling for a design you don’t like or that doesn’t meet your criteria
  • Neglecting to get the right consultants involved from the beginning, significantly adding to the cost when you bring them in late in the project and possibly requiring certain aspects of the project to be redone.


‘Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice’

Just as you would not expect your doctor to prescribe medication for you without first diagnosing your illness, likewise it is very risky to begin a design project without first establishing your project’s unique objectives and parameters. It is for this reason that we have developed the Project Discovery Analysis Report, a necessary first step to establishing the basis of your project.

The Project Discovery Analysis Report will be helpful for renovations of condominiums, apartments and single family homes in the metro area and suburbs of New York City.


The Project Discovery Analysis Report gives you:

  • Better decisions and greater certainty
  • Reduced risk and lower costs
  • A brighter outlook on the whole process.
  • Less stress and greater peace of mind.


The Project Discovery Analysis Report is a solution to address all of these factors and many more that most people never think of until it’s too late. You can take advantage of this service either before or after embarking on a renovation, but early in the project gives the best results.

The Project Discovery Analysis Report will provide valuable insights that you can use to make the best decisions and that you can then take to any architect to pursue your next steps.

The Project Discovery Analysis Report is a structured process:

  1. Together we will speak about the space, and discuss your needs and wishes for the project.
  2. You will receive advice on the cost drivers and the cost savers.
  3. We will review site options and identify zoning issues.
  4. We will develop an outline describing functions, uses and spaces required.
  5. We will go beyond the functional requirements, considering environmental factors like sun orientation, to determine how this site can delight you and your visitors.
  6. You will receive an analysis of your space, a preliminary schedule and program (what you are looking to have done).
  7. You will receive a a concept layout and a written report that includes any findings and considerations.
  8. We will review the planning viability of the project and your ideas, and you will know of any obstacles or barriers that will sooner or later have to be addressed.
  9. We will make recommendations based on your needs and wants, lifestyle and site.


You are more likely to get your dream house on time and on budget.

No surgical operation ever starts without a doctor’s thorough diagnosis and your project should never start without taking this first step. By getting this upfront ‘diagnosis’ done, you reduce your project risk and receive a superior design outcome.

We also consider your physical and mental well-being. Our focus from the beginning is on mindfulness. Let’s discover ways to promote healthy living in your dream home. Now it’s time to take the next step with the Project Discovery Analysis Report.

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