The construction process can be filled with so much uncertainties that often lead to tremendous amount of frustrations and stress. Knowing how to navigate the unmarked trail with a professional who can guide you through the process from the very beginning can prevent the project from starting on the wrong track. At RDSA, we would develop a roadmap with you to identify potential roadblocks then we help you find the ways to avoid these pitfalls.


Feasibility Studies

Discover how rules, regulations, and physical site constraints would impact the design of the building and the interior spaces with our Project Discovery Analysis program. Find out in the initial planning stage how much time and what to budget for a project.

Conceptual Design

Explore the variety of design concepts through a series of brainstorming exercises. Learn how the design can accommodate your needs and how the design fit within the context of the surrounding environment. We offer this service to let you see a world of possibilities.

Space Planning

With up to 90% of time that we spend indoor, proper planning of the spaces to live, work, and play contributes to a happier and less stressful life. We work with your program and ask you questions to create a logical space layout within a building, offering the most efficient use of the various spaces.

Sustainability Consultation

One of our design ethos is to bring savings to projects by utilizing energy conservation strategies during the design process. Our network of consultants can tailor a custom solution that will minimize the long term operating cost of a facility as well as to create a comfortable environment for the end user.

Interior Design

We offer interior design services to unify the design elements of the exterior and the interior of a building. Working alongside the architectural team, our interior designers are always informed of the design direction. This one-team approach effectively shortens both the design process as well as the project schedule.

Construction Management

Taking it one step further with our one-team approach, we offer construction management services to bring together some of the most qualified contractors and craftsmen at the design stage of the project as advisors to the design team. We follow through by managing the construction, ensuring the design is executed as intended.

Project Management

Whether building from the ground up or renovating an existing structure, the process of working with a team of design consultants to a team of construction tradesmen is intricate and time consuming. We can alleviate the stress throughout this process so you can focus on tasks that matter to you most.